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Below is information on how to receive a Premium Listing for your software title.
Premium Listing
Did you know that you can dramatically increase your software title's visibility on Your Data Center?. Do you want to create brand awareness for your software and get an advantage over the competition?. It's easy with our Premium Listing Service. When you use this service, we place your software listing at the very top of the category or subcategory it is currently listed in and for the number of months you wish to have it prominently displayed there (first come-first serve basis). We also make it stand out by adding a colored "Feature Listing" notice next to it. These things not only tend to maximize the number of downloads your software receives but can translate into increased sales as well. Most users will seldom click past the first 4-5 pages. To get started, please fill out the form below and a representative will respond shortly and provide you with an URL to our secure payment form. (note: you must either submit a title first before using this service or already have a software title listed in the directory).
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